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New S6 Serie. Self-unloading auger wagons for agricultural use. 

“We are a 93-year-old family business,
pioneers and specialists in Self-unloading auger wagons for agricultural use.
Synonymous with auger wagons in Argentina and the world, We are Cestari. «

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Complementing our objective of giving the best response to the farmer, we now present the Cestari B1 20,000 Auger wagons to assist the seeder. Besides being a robust and strong product in keeping with the use it is given, our customers found an auger wagon with a good construction, and an excellent design, like all Cestari products.

Tracked Auger wagons

At Industrias Metalúrgicas Cestari we sell and install tracks for agricultural machinery, both for auger wagonss and for harvesters. Today, the caterpillars make up a totally innovative and growing displacement system. At Industrias Metalúrgicas Cestari we are specialists in installing this system.

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Eco-Friendly Auger wagons

The Cestari auger wagons became the first piece of machinery in the Argentinean agro-industry to be painted with a totally water-based and environmentally friendly paint. Cestari decided to adopt this new way of painting its auger wagonss with the support of Sherwin Williams, through MC Pinturas, showing a growing commitment to the environment.


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