Auger wagons with tracks

Our auger wagons track system can not only be used all year round but can also be adapted to a wide variety of equipment.

The rubber tracks minimize soil compaction by significantly reducing the pressure the vehicles exert on the ground. The less soil compaction, the greater the water and air supply, and the better the harvest. This is a significant benefit in the medium to long term.

The treads give the auger wagons a greater bearing surface on the ground. This reduces soil compaction considerably and significantly improves the flotation and stability of your equipment.

ST-032 Standard

Our ST-032 STANDARD track systems are very versatile and can be used all year round. With the standard track system you will discover a great new potential in your equipment, which will help you to overcome the limits imposed by your tyres. In this way, you maximize the use of ST-032 HD Reinforced.

When using the ST-032 REINFORCED track systems, the specific ground pressure levels are significantly reduced. This keeps the level of treads to a minimum (compaction) and generates greater buoyancy on the ground than pneumatic wheel systems, which in turn gives it high tractive efficiency.your system and your soil benefits from it in more operations.

Size: 1: 813 / 2: 3423 / 3: 1448 / 4: 946 / 5: 711 / 6: 483
Characteristics:   Long:3.300 mm.   Width:813 mm.   Capacity:31 Ton aprox. (corn).