Marketing and installation of tracks for agricultural machinery

At Industrias Metal├║rgicas Cestari we market and install tracks for agricultural machinery, both for auger wagons and for harvesters.

This service is offered after a development work that lasted several years. Cestari was the first Argentine company to incorporate this track system 20 years ago.

Today, the tracks make up a totally innovative and growing displacement system. In Industrias Metal├║rgicas Cestari we are specialists in the installation of this system.

Reduces compaction: Compared to systems with conventional tyres.

Greater harvest yield: Avoids losses caused by soil compaction.

Greater productivity: In soft soils, it circulates continuously, without loss of time due to bogging and consequent occasional breakage.

Reduced tillage tasks: No furrows are created, as occurs with conventional tyres. As a result, the manoeuvrability of seed drills, combine harvesters, etc. is also improved.

Saves fuel: In water-saturated soils (with mud), the caterpillar has less rolling resistance in wet soil.

Better manoeuvrability: On uneven soils, the caterpillar has a long and wide tread, which means that it does not follow the imperfections of the soil and thus has imperceptible longitudinal and lateral swings and, giving it greater comfort and stability.

Versatility: It is very easy to install and is compatible with many types of trailers and machines.

Quick tension adjustment: Whenever necessary, with easily accessible screw.

Better pulling power: In this track system, the pulling pins are embedded in the teeth of the rubber bands and help the forward movement, compared to other track systems that make the pulling by friction.