Self-unloading auger wagon Cestari S6 31000 L 4R


Capacity -Not exceed the upper edge- 31.000 l
Unloading tube (ø) 480 mm
Unloading time (*1) (min. / sec.) 3.35
Weight tare (Kg) (*2) 5.000
Tractor power required (HP) 150
Floor auger (ø) 380 mm
Tube auger (ø) 454 mm

(*1) Dry cereal at 540 rpm.
(*2) With rims, without tires.

Tires: 23.1-30 R3  /   24.5-32 R3

Rims: DW 20×30 – 8 holes  /  DW 21×32 – 8 holes

    Safe drive of the unloading tube (Optional) New!

    This system adds a new benefit for the Cestari´s user, allowing a safer operation, since it avoids the opening and closing of the unloading tube while the cardanic bar is in motion. It is an electro-hydraulic system, commanded by a sensor and an electro-valve that controls the tube drive. With this new development, it is possible to prevent breakages in the grain cart unloading system associated with incorrect  operation by the user, thus allowing greater availability of the unit for harvesting and grain handling.

    This development, which solves a major problem with grain carts, was made possible with the support and advice of Marinelli Technology. System patented by Cestari and Marinelli Tecnology.

    S6 a new generation of self unloading grain carts.
    We are cestari we write history.

    Completely bolted grain cart. New!

    Joining cover of Unloading tube. New!

    Double Floor cover. New!

    Rotary guide for hoses. New!

    Unloading tube led spotlight. New!

    Cleaning system with a greater opening area. New!

    Removable rear cover of floor augers for a better cleaning. New!

    Cereal viewer (front and triple for a better visualization). New!

    Plastic toolbox. / Front hitch with kneecap. / Standard Ladders: rear hinged and internal. / Floor hatches opening indicator. / Drawbar handgrip on both sides. / Hose organizer. / Hinged rear lights. / Smoother gravity unloading system. / Roll top canvas system. / Hydraulic System (triple): tube, floor hatches and bottom sliding floor movement. / Unloading tube with better folding. / Tube hydraulic cylinder with speed reduction system / Removable lower unloading tube (extension casing).